Aero AT3 R100 - AAT3

Airwin strongly believes the necessity of good technical skills required for flight crew to operate safely in an ever changing environment. 
The flying characteristics and equipment of the Aero AT3-R100 provides opportunity for both recreational and professional pilots to acquire the necessary knowledge and skillset. The state of the art avionics and durable airframe enables us to provide comprehensive experience during training.


Airwin was estabilished in 2016, and only 2 years into operation already signed an Integrated ATP program with SunExpress, the joint wenture of Lusthansa and Turkish Airlines.

We are continuosly looking for cooperation possibilities, that is why we trained many Flight Instructors for the Norwegian ATO: Pilot Flight Academy 

Róbert Bánki

Managing Director

Zsolt Szüle

Head of Training

Istvan Győri

Deputy Head of Training

László Baku

Chief Flight Instructor

Kristóf Nagy

Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor

Gábor B. Magyari

Compliance Manager