Advanced UPRT(A) Training

What is

Advanced UPRT(A)

UPRT is the abbreviation of Upset Prevention and Recovery Training. The newly developed advanced UPRT course, which is to be mandated as an addendum to ATP and MPL training courses and also to serve as a prerequisite prior to commencing the first type rating course in multi-pilot operations, is seen as an important step towards enhancing a commercial pilot’s resilience to the psychological and physiological aspects often associated with upset conditions. 
Our training is compliant with FCL.745.A

The aircraft upset is an unintentional situation where the aeroplane is not doing what it was intended to do by the flight crew and is approaching unsafe parameters. As of December 2019, Advanced UPRT course certificate is mandatory for all Commercial Pilots.

  • Advanced UPRT is NOT aerobatics
  • It is mandatory for your first EASA Type Rating
  • We use Glass Cockpit aircraft to have access to in-flight telemetry for detailed briefing
  • Online Classroom for time and money saving. You only need to travel for the practical flights.

"Great facilities, great team, brand new airplanes. Just did (A)UPRT there. In the beginning I was thinking that EASA is just spending our money on another useless trainings but after this experience I would say that when you have to do everything that until this moment you've been taught not to, you realize the importance of this course. Thanks to everyone at Airwin!" - Dimo Vladimirov

Theory Training

CBT + 8

hours Online Classroom

Flight Training


hours in Hungary, LHTL

Time at LHTL





EUR all inclusive

Pipistrel Virus

you can become an FI after finishing an Integrated ATPL?

Pipistrel’s SW121 is fully approved for Advanced UPRT training, including fully developed intentional spins. Airwin can cover ab-initio training, advanced training and all aspects of UPRT courses with one single airplane. 

The SW121 is equipped with state of the art Garmin glass-cockpit equipment to provide post-flight analysis of the flight parameters. 

The Pipistrel SW121 needs no special preparation prior UPRT exercises and is equipped with a parachute to provide extra level of safety during all phases.


Hotels near the Airport

There are multiple Hotels with different facilities available for our cadets to pick an accommodation that fits their requirements and budget. All Hotels are in the vicinity, and can be booked by you directly. Make sure you state that You are a student at Airwin to access special rates.

Prices start around 30 EUR/night for a single room and 15 EUR/night for a shared double room if we have other students in the Hotel. We can send you contact details to these Hotels on request.