Flight Instructor Training

Why is it a good idea to

Become a FI(A) now

You always dreamed about a career in the skies. Use this time until Airlines are hiring again to instruct. It is the best way to:

  • Improve your skills and gain experience
  • Collect hours
  • Challenge yourself
  • Pass on the miracle of flying
  • Enjoy the rewards of being an instructor
  • Best way to gain experience is to instruct
  • Make money while doing what you love: fly
  • Airlines also appreciate former instructors

"Our aim is not only to enable you to get the rating but to build an understanding of the underlying facts and principles and preventing most, if not all “I’ve never heard about this before” – moments.

Theory Training

25 +100

online + practical

Flight Training


in Hungary, LHTL

Time you need





all inclusive

Did you know

you can become an FI after finishing an Integrated ATPL?

The only thing you might miss is a SEP rating, and we are happy to do it for you. You can start your FI (A) training after doing a SEP rating course at Airwin.  It only takes 4 hours theory and 5 hours flight training and an exam flight, so only a few days extra.

Take advantage of your fresh knowledge of aviation and start your career in the skies. Find your way in sharing the experience of flying with others, and learn with every hour of instruction.

Airlines also appreciate candidates who have experience in teaching and flew more than a fresh graduate from an integrated course.


Hotels near the Airport

There are multiple Hotels with different facilities available for our cadets to pick an accommodation that fits their requirements and budget. All Hotels are in the vicinity, and can be booked by you directly. Make sure you state that You are a student at Airwin to access special rates.

Prices start around 30 EUR/night for a single room and 15 EUR/night for a shared double room if we have other students in the Hotel. We can send you contact details to these Hotels on request.